About Gary Calhoun – Motivational Author & Inspirational Speaker

about Gary Calhoun

While others describe him as a talented motivational author and inspirational speaker, as Gary humbly explains, he is just a marlin-fishing, flounder-gigging, scuba-diving kind of guy who grew up in the great State of Alabama. Two months into his senior year, his family moved to Greenville, MS, where he graduated from High School and went on to attend Delta State University.

During the summer of his sophomore year, a friend invited him to vacation with their family in Panama City Beach, FL. After the family vacation, he and his friend decided to stay for the summer. Gary got a job at Bay Point Yacht & Country Club, a premier resort where the OPEC oil meeting was held the year before and Hubie Green, Bay Point’s touring golf pro, had just won the US Open. It quickly became a gathering place for the wealthy.

Gary said, “It was an incredible opportunity to work around so many prosperous people and hear the stories of how they became successful. It was the first time I realized that rich people were just like me – they just had money. I started thinking that I could too.”

After working there for a couple of years, Gary entered his first endeavor as an entrepreneur. By applying the information he had learned from the people at Bay Point, he has enjoyed success with a variety of product lines, including: insurance, solar, cellular, natural products, and more, and rose through the ranks of whatever endeavor he was involved in! His most recent organization grew to over 100,000, producing in excess of $30 million in sales within the first 24 months.

But, he’s also met with adversity and had to overcome serious setbacks. He knows how it feels to have that multi-million dollar business vaporize overnight and lose it all, along with his freedom for two-and-a-half years.

“It’s tough when you go from being able to do whatever you want to do and have whatever you want to have, to not being able to buy a cheeseburger. But I found out that we all have our real-life struggles because they aren’t discriminating. It doesn’t matter about your skin color, corporate status, or how financially blessed or devastated you may be, tough situations come to all of us.” – Gary Calhoun

As odd as it may sound, going through tough times can cause you to emerge stronger than ever – if you make the right decisions!
After going through it himself, Gary became passionate about helping others who are going through any type of setback or devastation – and sharing the right moves to successfully come out of whatever they may be dealing with. He wrote about it in his book, Max Your Talents.

In addition, he compiled what he learned years ago from the successful people at Bay Point and coupled it with his own personal experiences to create the “D-CAP System.” It’s a powerful step-by-step system to guide you to achieving whatever you dream, starting from wherever you presently may be.

Due to his first-hand experience, he shares his hope-filled, inspiring message with total confidence and enthusiasm because he knows… IT WORKS!

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