Discover the Path from Failure to Success

discover the path from failure to successMAX Your Talents: Despite all odds, a book by Florida-based businessman Gary Calhoun, is a personal testimonial, as well as a straightforward, practical guide to discovering the path from failure to success.

Here, Gary shares his own journey, and that of his family, from the heights of success to the depths of defeat; followed by his faith-based journey to renewal and prosperity.

As an allegory for the power of hope and positivity as the path to plenty, his story is both inspiring and motivating.

And yet, the true beauty of the story that unfolds is how Gary and his family, despite the largely self-inflicted hardships they endured, have been rewarded for keeping their faith and living in hope.

Without blaming others, or the cruelty of fate and the harsh realities of life in general, Gary offers a clearly defined and hope-filled path for those who have reached “rock bottom” and are searching for a way back up.

And so, rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.
JK Rowling, Author

How Failure Leads to Success

For Gary, it was the realization that failure, when combined with faith and hope, would light his way along a better path.

Staying true to his faith, he knew that…

“Whatever God planned, prepared and allocated for you before He laid the foundations of the world – is still available to you. His plan is irrevocable. He never gives up on you…”

Unless you give up on yourself.

And – Gary did not give up – on himself, his family, or his Heavenly Father. And, because he refused to accept defeat, he was able to turn his life around by learning from his failures, which have led him to newfound success.

You see, Gary was taught a secret; that, no matter how far failure has brought you to the depths of despair, there is a divine path that you can follow that will enable you to rise again.

It was his faith in this plan that allowed him to maintain a sense of hope that his future was not as dismal as it seemed. From this simple yet deeply held belief, Gary saw the path forward and, because he believed in the value of what he wanted to achieve, has been able to rebuild the life he sought for himself and his family.

Though he is a businessman, not a minister, by writing Max Your Talents, he has expanded on that vision and path of redemption by including you – presenting you with a step-by-step guide to help you overcome the destructive choices you’ve made and guide you to a better path.

At the end, someone or something always gives up. It is either you give up and quit or the obstacle or failure gives up and makes way for your success to come through.
Idowu Koyenikan, Author

Faith and Hope Will Bring Renewal and Success

Despite the power of the message Gary has to share, his relaxed and down-home writing style is never “preachy”.  Yet, while he does not hold back on the details of his challenging journey, his message is accessible to all who read his book.

  • If you believe you’ve “blown it” in life…
  • If you’ve allowed your daily struggles to “get you down”…
  • If you just can’t seem to find “the light at the end of the tunnel”…

Despite the gifts and talents you’ve been given to lead a life of meaning, purpose, and joy – this is the book you’ve been searching for.

Max Your Talents is a powerful guide for changing your LIFE and finding your PURPOSE! But, it’s not the same-ol’, same -ol’ found in most “transform your life” books. Gary offers a unique perspective that will shift your mindset and get you thinking in a whole new way!

This is not a simplistic “self-help” book filled with platitudes designed to make you “feel good”. Instead, while firmly founded in scripture, it is also grounded in the real-world experiences of a man who has spent his life building businesses.

As a result, Gary’s book offers a practical approach to meeting the challenges of life in a faith-based, hopeful way that leads to increased happiness, greater fulfillment, new-found prosperity, and a renewed sense of joy.

This life-changing book details author Gary Calhoun’s real-life story of success, devastation, and loss, but – more than anything – his inspiring comeback!

Failure only happens when you lose your willpower to continue trying... If we let the obstacles get the best of us then it was our choice to fail, not fate.
Lindsey Rietzsch, Author

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