Some time back my wife and I had some unexpected expenses that just caught us at the wrong time. Isn’t that the way it always seems to happen… just when you’re least expecting it? We really didn’t see how we could handle it without some sort of financial blessing.

I started talking to my Heavenly Father.

I said “I’m a First-fruit covenant blessed child of yours, and I need some money. I need some mailbox money.” I actually said the word “Mailbox.” To my knowledge, I had never used that word before.

This was Monday evening. I went out of town on Tuesday and came back Thursday. When I got back there was a letter from a company I had done business with over a decade ago. It was so far back that I vaguely remembered them. The letter stated that they were closing old accounts and I had a credit balance they wanted to get off their books.

As we were about to hang up, I asked, “How much is the credit?

When she told me, I then asked, “Could you please deduct the FedEx charge and send it overnight?

The lady chuckled and said, “No problem, I’ll send it at no charge.

The next day when it arrived, I told my wife, “There will be times when it’s hard for you to believe for something you need – let this serve as indisputable evidence that our Heavenly Father honors First- fruits.” I told her the story and then showed her the check that was for thousands of dollars.

Coincidence that it came in 3 days after I asked for mailbox money instead of anytime in the previous 4,000 plus days? NOPE! Not to me! And YES… the very First thing paid was First-fruits!

I’m not a Minister – I’m just a businessman.

But I can tell you that if I were a Minister – I’d preach on First-fruits every week until everybody got it because these are the type of blessings that I personally contribute directly to – First-fruits. By the way – this is just one of many!!!

So, I highly recommend trying it!

Wish you all the best!

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