The System

Max Your Talents D-CAP System for Personal and Professional Renewal

Hopefully, you’ve watched my Intro Video on the Max Your Talents Home page and heard a snippet of my story of struggle and revival; of personal and professional renewal.

As you now know, my family and I went through some devastating events, losing everything we thought was important at the time. Yet, the greatest comfort of the experience came from knowing that our Heavenly Father had NO CHOICE but to bring us out of the place to which we had descended!

I know that is a very bold statement, but I can say it because we did what He said would guarantee His FINANCIAL involvement!

That’s why, when I walked into our house that day to find my beautiful wife crying and asking, “What in the world are we going to do?” I was able to say with TOTAL confidence, “We are going to trust our Heavenly Father!”

You see, I knew our situation was temporary and that He would ensure our COMEBACK because He was OBLIGATED to do it. Wow… Was I right! In my book, Max Your Talents, you’ll find out how He performed in Heavenly Father fashion, as only He can do! And I have 100% total confidence that it will work for you!

Introducing the D-CAP System: Dedicated Commitment to Applied Performance

After going through this ordeal, I began to contemplate how I could be of the greatest assistance to anyone who may be facing a hard time. How could I provide a roadmap of exactly what I had done that had given me so much confidence and ability?

That’s why I created the Max Your Talents D-CAP System. It’s the blueprint designed to help you transform your life from where you are right now, to where you want to be – no matter where you are starting from. Whether you:

  • Have lost it all
  • Are stuck in a dead-end situation
  • Doing well but want to do better

The Max Your Talents D-CAP System can provide the blueprint you’ve been searching for, to elevate you to the level you desire.
You know that you deserve better. You know you were created for more and that our Heavenly Father has a wonderful fulfilling life for you but, His hands are tied if you do not follow the principles that unlock His resources. He cannot violate His own mandates!

Discover How to Get Back on Top with the Max Your Talents D-Cap System

Your journey to renewal begins with a single step – believing that you are worth the effort – that you matter… to yourself, your loved ones, AND to our Heavenly Father!

By design, life is challenging. Tough times can lead to a crisis of faith and a loss of hope; yet, our Heavenly Father has laid out a path for you that will make you far stronger and more successful than you ever imagined – as long as you realize He has a plan for you, which includes:

  • Self-Image – The way you view yourself is the most powerful dominating force that controls the way you make decisions and the way you live your life. If you have a poor self-image, you will have poor results. By improving the way you think about yourself, with a positive image of yourself as happy and successful, you will begin to make your way toward the path of renewal that He has laid out for you.
  • Our Heavenly Father Has YOU – To our Heavenly Father your life is like a canvas that’s already painted, which is hard for you to comprehend because He also gave you free will. Even though you have the ability to make your own choices, He still knows what you’re going to do, which is a phenomenal aspect of being God. So, He’s not the least bit surprised by what you consider to be bad decisions and mistakes!
  • Problems are SPECIFIC – Our Heavenly Father DOES NOT put you through stuff just for the heck of it. Everything you have gone through – are going through or will go through – is simply a thread in the fabric of your life. Every challenge has a purpose and it is YOUR job to battle through it and make the best of it, with faith and hope as your primary tools for success.
  • LIFE is about PROGRESS – You were born to LEAD… designed and equipped to lead… to run the plant… to be the CEO, to be the person that others follow! But, you can’t prematurely launch into something you’re not prepared for and expect good to come out of it. But, when you’re ready, NOTHING can stop you!
  • Operate with a SPIRIT of EXCELLENCE – Scripture teaches that you work for our Heavenly Father no matter what job, position, or task He may have assigned you. In His eyes, your vocation, whether as a Secretary, Truck Driver, Salesman, Doctor, Business Owner, is your service to Him and He expects you to do your best by operating with a Spirit of Excellence. When you do this, you become the person who, by His grace, you were born to be!

Improve Your Personal Life

I believe you want to be ALL you can be. You want to maximize! Our Heavenly Father is waiting on you to access the resources He has allocated for you! The D-CAP system is the blueprint that can give you the knowledge and direction to help you discover it!

Only you know what you want to do and see yourself accomplishing. Think about the benefits to the people you will be touching and how it will affect them – if you do what you want to do and feel you should do.

This is not an age thing – a gender thing – a race thing – or an economic thing. This is a YOU thing! I want to help you!

The Max Your Talents D-Cap System normally sells for much higher but, for a limited time, you can get the Max Your Talents book and the transformational D-CAP System – and FREE shipping – for only $197.00.

What you will receive:

  • My book, MAX Your Talents: Despite all odds (FREE shipping*)
  • The D-CAP System: A Guide to Personal and Professional Renewal (instant PDF download)
  • Access to Ongoing Email Coaching and Support (at the level you choose)
  • A Lifetime of Faith, Hope, Joy, and Success!

*free shipping applies only within the continental United States

If there is one word that explains the overall results of the Max Your Talents D-CAP System, it would be… ELEVATION!

Improve Your Professional Life

The D-CAP system provides you with a PROVEN path for growth and advancement. If you are an employee, it can accelerate opportunities for promotions and raises – no matter what job or position you have now. If you’re a business owner, Independent Rep, or leader of an organization, it can expedite business growth. Whatever situation you want to apply it to, you can experience elevation – and lasting success.

By applying the D-CAP fundamentals to my own life, I’ve personally reached #1, starting when I was 22, in five different industries that included: insurance, solar, cellular, natural products, and network marketing.

The Max Your Talents D-CAP System download includes two sections you will receive immediately upon signup: broken down into… Concept and Details: a step-by-step plan for personal and professional renewal.

Also available to you, if you elect to receive it (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), are periodic tips, tools, strategies, and insights on how you can ELEVATE your life, personally and professionally.

So, for less than the price of dinner for two, you get access to material that can transform your life; from where you are right now to where you want to be!

Don’t wait or waste another minute! You know you deserve better! You know you are able to do better!

Let’s get you started on the path that will ELEVATE you toward your next level – through personal and professional renewal.