My Dad started taking me deer hunting when I was 5 years old. We would go early in the morning and be on our stand before daybreak. A hunting camp tale had it that a bear had been killed a few years earlier in the area where we were hunting that morning.

Dad had put me on a stand by myself and he sat a short distance away – but my mind was racing with thoughts of the bear and what to do if I saw it. Even though he was sitting only a few yards from me – it might as well been a mile!

After what seemed like an eternity – the sun began peeking through the trees. When it became light enough to see – my eyes immediately focused on something that scared me worse than I can verbalize. Some 30 feet in front of me was what appeared to be a bear behind a tree. First – it would look at me from around the left side of the tree – disappear – then look around the right side.

I don’t have the skills to articulate the level of fear and horror I was experiencing.

I did the only thing I knew to do.

I let out a blood-curdling scream hollering – “Daddy – Daddy – Daddy!

He came running – “What is it – son?

I said – “It’s a bear Daddy! He’s behind that tree. He’s playing peek-a-boo with me.

The look on his face of serious concern shifted to a smile as he sat down – pulling me up into his lap and wrapping his arms around me.

He said – “Son – bears don’t play peek-a-boo with you. There’s no bear. You just thought there was.

Zig Ziglar said – “The best acronym for FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.”

Whether the bear was real or not had no effect on the enormous level of panic I was experiencing. While that event was developing – I couldn’t on my own recognize that it was nothing more than a mind trick. That was a long time ago – and I still remember it as vividly as if it was yesterday.

Why am I telling you this story?

I remember sitting in my dad’s lap and safely wrapped in his arms – looking at the tree — “the place” – – where I thought with absolute certainty that something of great danger was about to overtake me – only to realize it was my imagination. When I was safe in the arms of my father – I found comfort – security – and had the ability to look at the situation differently.

That’s why I’m telling you this story – so that if you have situations come against you that appear overwhelming and causing intimidating fear – I hope it helps you to see things differently and understand that your Heavenly Father is waiting to act on your behalf to destroy the lies of the enemy.

Don’t let life beat you!

I wish you all the best!

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